“SIMON SAYS” – Animal Communication Summer Fundraiser


Animal Communication Summer Fundraiser

To Benefit MSPCA’s Walk For Animals

Local animal communicator Rhonda Jackson is offering $10 mini sessions through August 31st to support Team SOAR Nation, the resident bird enthusiasts at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, as they Walk For Animals in September. Members of SOAR Nation offered endless support and guidance in helping Rhonda adopt her own quirky feathered friend, Simon the Dove, out of a hoarding case surrendered to Nevins Farm in January of this year. So, she’s hoping to repay them with this, the Simon Says Fundraiser!

Simon the Dove

Rhonda works long distance, and only needs a photo and the name of your furry or feathered friend to conduct a session. She can connect with animals presently with us, or those who have passed on. Mini sessions are great ways to “check-in” with your animal—ask any 3 questions of your animal, and you’re likely to get much more information than you bargained for in return!

Follow Rhonda’s business, Ollie Told Me. on Facebook for other specials to benefit the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. Email her at OllieToldMe@gmail.com for more information, or to take advantage of the Simon Says special today!

*Editor’s Note: Rhonda recently did a session with my Moluccan Cockatoo, Henry, who was neglected and abandoned before being found and brought to the MSPCA in Boston. Henry and I have made so much progress since he talked with Rhonda! I’d highly recommend that you all take advantage of this awesome promotion. The best part is that the proceeds go directly to help the SOAR Nation Team as we fundraise for the MSPCA Methuen Walk for Animals!

To donate directly to Team SOAR Nation, visit our page HERE and click “Support SOAR Nation” or “Make a Gift”!