Spring Updates

Hi Everyone! Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. My fosters have been occupying most of my time and energy for the past few months. Things are starting to even out now and I promise to keep you updated on all the SOAR Birds happenings!

I’ve been caring for two lovely adult cockatiels, Westley and Princess Buttercup, as well as four baby cockatiels, all from the February 27th hoarding case in Lynnfield. The two adult birds are happy and healthy now, and learning to be comfortable around humans. Westley has only one leg, but I’ve learned how to set things up so that he can get around without much trouble. He’s a real trooper! They’re living in the lap of luxury in a nice, big cage, learning how to play with toys, take baths, and enjoy human company. Both have put on weight and and can’t get enough of their healthy diet. Millet and treats happen when humans are around, and Westley and Buttercup are making good progress!


Westley (front) and Princess Buttercup

Sadly, three of the four baby birds were too weak to survive, but one little girl, Felicia, is still with us and she’s a real fighter! Felicia’s name means “lucky, fortunate and happy” and this little bird is all of the above. She’s doing really well now and even has her own Felicia the Cockatiel Facebook Page, which I encourage you to check out and “Like,” so that you can follow her progress as she grows!




Speaking of cockatiels, we have a whole bunch of ‘tiels at Nevins Farm who are waiting to find their forever homes! Stop by and check them out! They are super cute! We’ve got many birds, both indoors and out, so we hope you’ll stop by for a visit. Who knows, you might just fall in love!

As you know, Shelia and I are dedicated to promoting and supporting the birds at Nevins Farm through enrichment, training, and anything and everything else we can do to help them find (and stay in) forever homes. We also have an amazing team caring for our barnyard birds. We’re hoping that this year will be bigger and better than ever for our feathered friends, and were excited to find that the Nevins Farm Bird Team was mentioned in the quarterly MSPCA Companion Newsletter. You can see that the  Nevins Bird Team is really making an impact!

Our very own Sheila Blanchette was also mentioned in a Vetstreet Article about parrot rescue. We’re so excited to be able to spread the word about our birds!

Last, but not least, our friends at Empowering Animals Wristbands have created a special wristband just for SOAR Birds! Wristbands are $5.00 each, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the SOAR Birds 2014 Walk for Animals fund! We’re really excited about this fundraiser and we hope you’ll all buy one or two to help the MSPCA birds!

Thanks so much for your continued help and support! Don’t forget we’re active on FaceBook and you can email us at soarbirds.info@gmail.com.

Happy Spring!