Many New Birds Looking for Forever Homes

Hello All,
I wanted let you know, there are a lot of birds up for adoption.  The holidays are coming up and I would love to see these birds find a home to celebrate the new year.
Parakeets – We have 20+ parakeets looking for a home.  They are wonderful little birds and love millet.
photo 1
Star is a Goffin’s Cockatoo, she is currently in foster, but is ready for adoption.  She’s been a feather plucker, but with lots of love and enrichment, her feathers are beginning to come back in nicely. She will be heading to the MSPCA soon but love for her to go home first so she doesn’t have to hang out at the MSPCA looking for her forever home.  She is sweet and loves playing with so many objects (including pens…remove the ink and watch her have fun).
Cosmo & Penny, Cockatiel, are a beautiful bonded pair of cockatiels.  They need love, patience and they will reward you with sweet singing and chirping.


Micky, Macaw, for those who love big birds. Micky is the bird for you.  He loves peanuts and watching TV.
Fancy Canaries – what sweet birds.  There are a couple of Yellow, Orange and Brown Phase Canaries.  They all have beautiful songs.
If you are looking for a new bird, or add another bird to your family, please think about adoption and stop by MSPCA at Nevins Farm. If you’re full up on birds, please pass the word.  Any help is appreciated…

If you stop by Nevins Farm, please let the Staff know that Sheila and Melissa were passing the word.  Thanks again and sorry for the interruption.  I am working on the November Newsletter and would love to to document any adoptions!

Sheila & Melissa, Exotic Bird Advocates, MSPCA at Nevins Farm