Ruthie’s Recovery

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One of the most amazing things about working with birds is the building of trust between birds and their humans. When I took Ruthie home to foster, I thought the bonding process would take quite a long time. Ruthie had been injured by another bird and was feeling pretty bad when we first met. She’d lost feathers and some of the skin on her head, she was puffed and shaky, sticking mostly to the bottom of her cage. If I put my hand in her cage to change her food or water, she’d become very nervous, fluttering away from me, clearly wanting a good amount of space.

Once we got home, Ruthie was very quiet, not moving much, and seemed very worried. Over the next few days, she was kept in a warm, quiet place and received regular Reiki treatments, as well as as much food, water and millet she wanted. She was a slow starter, but once she decided she liked the food here, she began to eat regularly. My family has all spent time sitting quietly with Ruthie, helping her to understand that we were here to take care of her, and that we were willing to take things slowly. I’ve also been slowly working on introducing hands to her, as things that are gentle and that don’t necessarily bother birds every time they appear. The more time we spent sitting beside her cage, the closer she wanted to sit to us, and it wasn’t long before she began to preen and chirp while we spent time with her.


I’ve also begun to take Ruthie’s cage into the living room to spend some time getting used to being around more distractions. To my surprise, she seems to love being in the middle of everything! Yesterday she started to sing whenever a someone would enter the room… even the dogs! She’s also been communicating with my two cockatiels, chirping and calling back and forth with them. Arya and Thorin are thrilled to talk with her, as well. I think they are under the impression that I finally brought them home their very own pet bird!

It’s exciting to see the progress that Ruthie is making as she learns to trust her foster family. I’d never have imagined that she would become so brave, so quickly. She still needs time for her wounds to fully heal, however, I think her heart is healing better than I ever would have expected. She may never have a full head of feathers again, but she’s a beautiful little soul and we’re very lucky to have her with us as she grows stronger and heals inside and out.

Many New Birds Looking for Forever Homes

Hello All,
I wanted let you know, there are a lot of birds up for adoption.  The holidays are coming up and I would love to see these birds find a home to celebrate the new year.
Parakeets – We have 20+ parakeets looking for a home.  They are wonderful little birds and love millet.
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Star is a Goffin’s Cockatoo, she is currently in foster, but is ready for adoption.  She’s been a feather plucker, but with lots of love and enrichment, her feathers are beginning to come back in nicely. She will be heading to the MSPCA soon but love for her to go home first so she doesn’t have to hang out at the MSPCA looking for her forever home.  She is sweet and loves playing with so many objects (including pens…remove the ink and watch her have fun).
Cosmo & Penny, Cockatiel, are a beautiful bonded pair of cockatiels.  They need love, patience and they will reward you with sweet singing and chirping.


Micky, Macaw, for those who love big birds. Micky is the bird for you.  He loves peanuts and watching TV.
Fancy Canaries – what sweet birds.  There are a couple of Yellow, Orange and Brown Phase Canaries.  They all have beautiful songs.
If you are looking for a new bird, or add another bird to your family, please think about adoption and stop by MSPCA at Nevins Farm. If you’re full up on birds, please pass the word.  Any help is appreciated…

If you stop by Nevins Farm, please let the Staff know that Sheila and Melissa were passing the word.  Thanks again and sorry for the interruption.  I am working on the November Newsletter and would love to to document any adoptions!

Sheila & Melissa, Exotic Bird Advocates, MSPCA at Nevins Farm

MSPCA – Walk for Animals 2013 – Completed

Thank you!

Thank you all for donating, attending or passing the word about the MSPCA – Walk For Animals.

It was an awesome day, and I ran into so many bird people, it was great talking to so many folks. I want to send a big Thank You to the Captains of Team SOAR Birds and Team SOAR Birds Boston.


Theoden, MSPCA Adopted Umbrella Cockatoo at the SOAR Birds Table

This was the first year for SOAR (Special Owners of Adopted/Rescued) Birds had a team(s) and people walk for birds in both events.

Together, SOARBirds Team raised $2386.75.. THIS IS FANTASTIC!

SOAR Birds Team Captain: Paige. She was at the walk for the MSPCA – Nevins Farm. She showed her bird love with a peacock feather beret.

SOAR Birds Team Captain: Diana. She was at the walk for the MSPCA – Boston. She had a great time and met so many people.

I would also like to thank my co-conspirator, Melissa, who brought Theoden, Cockatoo, to the Walk for Animals, and was huge hit!

We are not done, yet…

Just because the Walk for Animals is over, doesn’t mean our cause is completed. There are still a lot of birds looking to be adopted! In addition, the MSPCA (and other bird rescues) need bird accessories (toys, adjustable perches, dishes), food (treats, millet, dehydrated fruit (unsulphured)), and monetary donations.

In January 2014, Adopt a Pet Bird Month starts at many different rescue U.S. wide. This will be the 4th Year that Exotic Bird Advocate, Sheila Blanchette, has been working at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, to help raise awareness and education about Domestic/Exotic Birds. Sheila is renaming the event “Festival of Flight”; she believes we should be celebrating the honor of having a great bird and what love it brings to all of us in the bird network.

We Want to Hear from you…

Sheila is looking for topics, ideas, fun things to do that month to draw more attention about the care of a domestic and exotic birds.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, to help bring donations (monetary, Raffle items, Gift Cards, and bird items), please send her an email at She is also looking for volunteers to help out any weekend to work with Sheila to tell people how wonderful exotic birds are, as well as stories about his/her adopted bird.

We need to get the word out there, so any help is appreciated.

If you would like to sign up for our SOAR Birds newsletter, please drop us a line at and we’d be happy to add you to the distribution list.

We would also love to hear your successful rescue bird adoption stories. Please send your stories to, and don’t forget to include a photo or two! We’d love to feature your bird, or birds, on our website and FaceBook page!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Mercedes Macaw *Adopted!*

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Meet Mercedes, a beautiful Blue & Gold Macaw who was abandoned in the shelter parking lot. Mercedes has plucked out her tail feathers, so she has a hard time with her balance. She seems to be a happy bird and is social with all. Once you’ve gained her trust she likes to be petted and she loves to dance to classical music. She has several words in her vocabulary and loves to interact.

Mercedes is looking for a home with large bird experience.

For more information about Mercedes, email

Rocky and Cracker, Amazon Serenade – *Adopted!*



Rocky and Cracker are Amazon parrots who just met today. They love to sing, talk & whistle. Right away they began to whistle back and forth to each other.

Both boys are friendly, but need a home with large bird experience, as they both are going to need to learn to trust people’s hands. With time and patience, they will both make wonderful companions!

For information on Cracker or Rocky, email

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